Like To Hunt For Deer? Attract Deer With A Wildlife Food Plot

Posted on: 8 November 2016


If you do not like sitting on a tree stand for hours waiting for a deer to come to you, there are things you can do to attract the deer. This allows you to cut down the amount of time you spend hunting. You can purchase some wildlife seeds to make a wildlife food plot to attract the deer. Deer will come to the area because they need something to eat. This also allows them to mate, as more than one deer will come to the food plot. This means there will be more deer for you to hunt in the future. Below is some information about this to help you get started.

Choose Where to Put the Food Plot

First, choose where you want to place the food plot. Some deer like to stand in the shadows so they can be hard for you to see. Place your food plot in an area that gets enough sunlight. There should be plenty of trees around the area so the deer will feel safe and secure. Never plant the seeds in an area where there is a lot of noise, such as close to a nearby road. This will make the deer skittish, and even though there is good food to eat, they will pass it by.

Choose the Right Seeds

Purchase high quality wildlife seeds so you have a much better chance at the plants growing good for you. Determine how long it takes the plants to reach maturity so you can plant them at a time where they are available for the deer to heat during hunting season. This information will be on the seed packets.  Some food that deer like to eat include soybeans, corn, alfalfa, and clover.

Choose the Right Soil

The quality of the soil is something to take into consideration.  For example, the seeds will not grow well in clay soil. Pick up a handful of the soil and squeeze it in your hand. If the soil does not break away after you release your hand, then it is not loose enough. You can add some compost to the soil to help make it the right texture. Compost also adds nutrients to the soil. To determine if the soil is healthy, use a soil test kit. If you are not sure how to use this, a garden center employee can help you.

Check the food plot regularly for any weeds and remove them as soon as you see them. Weeds can take moisture and nutrients away from the other plants and the deer may not like the taste of the weeds. Contact a company like Extreme Custom Food Plots to learn more.